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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Work That Brings Hope

Work. Just the thought of the word has countless interpretations. For me, it means my occupation, what I do to pay the bills. The article (on page 14),  I Work, Thanks For Asking in the February 2013, edition of the Dallas Observer, shows another side to work. This story is about work, from the perspective of the homeless and citizens of South Dallas who live in extreme poverty.

Have you ever considered what it would feel like to earn your income in direct correlation to the day you worked? If calling in sick meant not eating or having a home to go to that day, we would suddenly have a better work ethic. So, what does that say about the homeless and part of the population who lives in extreme poverty? If you find yourself jumping to the conclusion that they're all lazy, take into consideration those who have an extremely hard work ethic but lack opportunity.

How can you provide someone with an opportunity to pull him or her out of a desperate situation and utilize their passions and talents? If you help one person get a job, it would change society. It would change the unemployment rate. It would change the overall success of your country. Volunteer with organizations like Jobs Have Hope to take that one, small step towards making the impact you were meant to make with your life.

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